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Fireplace Repair In Milwaukee and all of Southeast Wisconsin

The Fireplace Repair Experts Brookfield, WI and Surrounding Areas Trust for Efficient and Affordable Fireplace Repair Service

Badgerland provides fireplace repair service in Brookfield, WI and throughout the surrounding areas. Whether you have a gas fireplace, electric fireplace, or a traditional wood burning fireplace, our experts can fix it. Our Brookfield fireplace repair experts serve both residential and commercial customers with indoor or outdoor fireplaces.

If your fireplace won’t turn on, isn't producing heat or your room fills with smoke whenever you have a fire in your fireplace, Badgerland Fireplace can help. Often, the fix is easy. Sometimes, though, problems caused by poor design or installation can be complex and time consuming to remedy. We'll give you an honest assessment and the most affordable (and safe!) solutions.

Our affordable Waukesha fireplace repair specialists fix a variety of fireplace issues, including:

Common Gas Insert Fireplace Problems We Repair

Loose/Damaged Wiring

Wiring that has come loose or damaged over time can cause a burner to not light. Our service technicians will inspect and replace damaged wiring and make sure all connections are secure.

Pilot Light Troubleshooting

The pilot light orifice can become obstructed with soot or dirt, causing the fireplace to not work properly or not turn on at all. We’ll clean it and test it to ensure the fireplace is working safely and efficiently.

TIP: If your pilot light is on, but the fireplace burner doesn't start up, check your thermostat. It needs to be on and set at a temperature higher than the temperature of the room, otherwise your fireplace won't start.

Thermocouple Sensor Testing and Replacement

The thermocouple sensor controls the flame on the pilot light. If it doesn’t put out sufficient voltage, the pilot light won’t stay lit. We test the thermocouple sensor and replace it if necessary.

Odd or Unpleasant Odors

A sealed gas fireplace insert should never smell of gas—or anything else. If you notice a bad odor of any type, it’s possible the seal on the glass doors has been compromised. Our technicians can ensure your glass doors are properly sealed with clips and glass fasteners, replacing any seal components as needed.

It’s also possible the smell you're noticing is coming from something on your mantel or near the fireplace being heated by the fireplace. Try removing anything in the vicinity of your fireplace to see if the smell you're noticing diminishes. 

Rumbling Noises

If you hear a rumbling sound when your fireplace is on, it’s likely your burners are dirty. Our fireplace maintenance technicians will clean the burners using a high power vacuum and compressed air to clear any debris inside the burners.

Fan Replacement

If your fireplace has a fan and you’re hearing a soft shrieking or grinding noise when the fireplace is running, it could be a fan with a bad bearing, a bent housing or a bad axle. It could also be something making contact with the fan when it’s in operation. Whatever the cause, our technicians will track it down and either repair or replace the fan.

Whether you need fireplace repair service in Brookfield, Waukesha, Milwaukee or anywhere else in Southeast Wisconsin, you can trust Badgerland Fireplace for an honest and affordable repair quote. Visit our Waukesha showroom to see a variety of fireplace styles and types.

Contact our Waukesha fireplace repair service department now for a FREE quote on your fireplace repair.

Badgerland Fireplace Inc. provides the best fireplace installation, repair and maintenance services for homes and businesses in Southeastern Wisconsin including: Brookfield, Delafield, WaukeshaMilwaukee, New Berlin, Wauwatosa, Muskego, MukwonagoFranklin, Menomonee Falls, Oconomowoc, Elm Grove, Brown DeerWest Allis, Pewaukee, Glendale, Greendale, Fox Point, Whitefish Bay, Shorewood, Greenfield, Oak Creek, Cudahy, River Hills, Saint Francis, Hales Corners, Sussex, Hartland, Big Bend, Eagle, and Butler.